K-Type Thermocouple Connector

TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity’s new K-type Thermocouple connector provides easy connection with thermocouple wire. The spring terminal concept provides outstanding connectivity compared with the traditional screw type termination. The “push-on lock concept” allows easy mating while the unique shape of the metal-locking mechanism prevents unintentional unmating.



  • 2 Position for K-type Thermocouple (+ :Chromel / - :Alumel)
  • Touch Proof design supports IP20 degree of protection
  • The unique shape metal-locking mechanism prevents unintentional unmating
  • Supports Free-hanging and Panel Mount solution


  • Spring Clamp concept provides outstanding connectivity/manufacturability
  • The "Push-on lock concept" allows easy mating and secure locking which provides a highly reliable connection
  • Better Mating Reliability because of the metal lock concept which prevents unintentional un-mating and is supported by an audible click
  • Better assembly productivity: The spring clamp solution reduces the wire termination time considerably compared to current market standard screw termination solutions


  • Semiconductor Machinery
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Machine Tool Equipment