Labels & Identification - Military/Aerospace

cp.jpg CP Thermal Transfer Printable Clear Polyester Labels
■ Clear polyester film with a permanent acrylic adhesive ■ Ideal for rating plates, equipment labels, serial number plates and other applications ■ that require a transparent “no label” look ■ Operating temperature -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F) ■ Thermal transfer printable on T300 series thermal printers ■ Available in 16 standard sizes ranging from 0.65”W x 0.20”H up to 4.0”W x 2.50”H.

pvf.jpgPVF Polyvinylflouride Thermal Transfer Printable Self-Laminating Labels
PVF is a thermal transfer printable, translucent polyvinylflouride (Tedlar®) film with a permanent acrylic adhesive, designed for wire and cable marking applications that require the "self-extinguishing" properties of Tedlar®. PVF labels are supplied with a white printable area, which is over-laminated upon application with the translucent portion of the label. This "self-laminating" feature protects the printed area from exposure to oil, solvents, water and abrasion. The low-profile design makes PVF suitable for wrapping onto thin wire guages. For guaranteed print performance and durability use with a 3300 series ribbon.

sbp.jpgSelf-Laminating Wrap-Around Wire Labels
Robust wire, harness and cable identification label that laminates upon itself for excellent mark permanence. Labels are thermal transfer, dot matrix and laser jet printable.

tedlar.jpgTedlar® Labels 
This polyvinyl fluoride material is designed for use as a wire/cable marker, label and wrap-around in the general aviation industry. The product is ideal for a variety of harsh chemical environments and where non-igniting/self-extinguishing properties are a necessity.

tp.jpgTP Tape Labels
Designed for use as a thermal transfer printable, self-laminating identification for the various types of tubes in the aerospace, defense and marine industry

ttp.jpgTTP White Polyester Continuous Labels 
Designed for applications that require a high durability label with all the features of a silk-screened” label. The product utilizes high performance polyester with permanent acrylic adhesive.