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Our High Performance airborne Electronic Warfare cable assemblies are so tough they must successfully endure 29 torturous environmental tests before receiving our seal of approval. Test extremes include 65 G vibration, -65o to 200o C at 70,000 feet, and 100,000 flexures, to mention just a few.
Although we built our reputation for high-quality precision coaxial cable assemblies in the tough EW markets, we also provide them to non-defense and commercial markets.

Smaller and lighter than MIL-C-17 cables, our rugged antenna Mast cable assemblies are capable of continuous flexing in severe tactical environments-hot or cold. Compared to corrugated copper air-dielectric cables, our low loss, low VSWR mast cables can handle more than five times the CW power at one-half the minimum bend radius. Reel-able in lengths to several thousand feet, they can be easily unwound, deployed and rewound hundreds of times without degrading performance.

Major airline carriers use these critical insertion loss and phase-match requirements for the FAA-mandated T-CAS (Traffic-Alert Collision Avoidance System) and MODE-S programs. Our T-CAS cable assemblies are manufactured to meet the same reliability and quality as our EW cables, yet offer the airlines the flexibility of field replaceable connector interfaces to eliminate costly "airplane-on-ground" (AOG) delays or flight cancellations.