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The MC-LGA (Metal Contact Land Grid Array) socket technology is a stamped and formed metal contact developed for the high end server microprocessor and ASIC interconnections. The MC-LGA contact has been designed to provide both a large working range and interface wipe for a reliable, long term electrical connection from the microprocessor to the printed circuit board.


  • Large contact working range (0.36 mm minimum)
  • Large functional range (0.31 mm – 0.10 mm min deflection required to achieve 20 grams force)
  • Wiping contact interface (0.10 min wipe with opposing loads to net zero lateral force on ASICand PCB)
  • Contact tip geometries optimized:
    • ASIC/CPU interface (hertz dot)
    • PCB interface (spans PCB via hole)
  • Scalable manufacturing process enables rapid socket size changes with minimal tooling investment (up to 7000+ positions at 1mm contact spacing)


  • High end servers