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AMP MCX microminiature snap-on connectors offer an excellent blend of size, durability and performance for emerging applications. The snap-on interface facilitates assembly, eliminating the need for a threaded connection, and ensuring full engagement. MCX connectors are designed for broad band performance, DC-6 GHz, and can be utilized for future system upgrades without concerns for performance degradation. MCX connectors are available in a broad range of standard configurations for commercial applications. Tape and reel packaging for MCX surface mount straight and right angle PCB receptacles is available to facilitate high volume pick and place manufacturing. MCX surface mount connectors are designed to withstand infrared reflow, convection and vapor phase soldering and provide a .254 [.010] standoff for optimal board cleaning. MCX plug and jack PCB receptacles also offer a direct board to board solution providing a nominal 7.11 [0.28] separation.  


  • 30% smaller than traditional snap-on SMB connectors, offering greater packaging density and weight reduction
  • Mechanically robust with beryllium copper spring fingers rated at a minimum of 500 mating cycles
  • Optimized forces to engage and disengage to ensure ease of mating as well as to prevent damage to PCB solder connections
  • Fully mateable with standard MCX connectors and conform to the CECC interface specifications


  • GPS
  • Automotive
  • Wireless communications