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In contrast with other VRM connectors, this is a true power interconnect that uses ELCON CROWN BAND power contacts that deliver 25A each. As a result, Mini CROWN EDGE connectors can deliver high-density power that meets the requirements of VRM 10.2 applications and beyond.

Termination to the board can be surface mount (SMT), solder tail, or compliant press-fit. Solder tail termination is available in two lengths to accommodate various PCB thicknesses. To provide a reliable current path to the board, Mini CROWN EDGE connectors use proven eye-of-the-needle style, press-fit compliant tails.

The short path of the CROWN BAND power contacts translates into low loop inductance levels, making Mini CROWN EDGE connectors suitable for voltage regulators with high slew rates such as those used in recent VRM-to-MPU power delivery architectures.


  • Low profile, open housing design
  • ELCON high-performance CROWN BAND contacts deliver 25A each
  • High-density power designed for VRM 10.2 and beyond
  • Multiple power and signal contacts allow flexible power pcb trace layouts
  • SMT, pc tail and press-fit terminations


  • Power supplies
  • Industrial applications
  • Power distribution circuit boards
  • Workstations and servers