fg_thumb.jpgF Series RF Connectors & G Series RF Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP F and G Series connectors offer performance, which is driven by evolving OEM requirements and expectations. Improved VSWR beyond 1 GHz, high current carrying capability, and pressure sealed products are now part of the standard product offering.

mini_threaded_thumb.jpgRF Connectors Miniature Threaded | TE Connectivity
Miniature threaded connectors are a unique development of AMP Incorporated which has resulted in the production of minimum size components capable of high levels of performance. Termination of connector to cable is made with AMP's exclusive one crimp method simultaneous termination of inner conductor, outer braid and cable support with one stroke of the tool.

smc_thumb.jpgSMC RF Connectors | TE Connectivity
The AMP SMC Connector is miniature and light-weight, especially designed for use in critical applications where limited space and vibration are of major concern.

tnc_thumb.jpgTNC RF Connectors | TE Connectivity
The AMP TNC RF connector family, with 7/16-28 threaded couplings, provides low noise levels and optimum stability, and can withstand the shock and vibration often present in hostile environments.

twinthreaded_thumb.jpgTwin Threaded RF Connectors | TE Connectivity
RF Twin Threaded Coaxial Cable Connectors are a unique development by AMP which has resulted in the production of high level RF components.

uhf_thumb.jpgUHF RF Connectors Miniature & Standard Sizes | TE Connectivity
AMP UHF Connectors are available in miniature and standard sizes. The miniature size connectors are compact and lightweight. The standard size connector has found wide acceptance, particularly in the mobile communications field.

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