NEMA Terminal Blocks Product Family

TE Connectivity


100-Series-High-Density-Miniature-Blocks-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMiniature Blocks 100 Series High Density | TE Connectivity
These miniature terminal blocks fit on a much smaller channel to save valuable panel space or can be surface mounted directly to the panel. Miniature blocks accept wire as large as #12 AWG and are available in four styles: Miniatures (nylon), Minniature (polypropylene), Single Tier and Double Tier.

200-Series-Heavy-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpgTerminal Blocks 200 Series Heavy Duty | TE Connectivity
This compact, heavy duty block line accepts single or combination wires up to #4 AWG, solid or stranded. The compact design allows at least 138 circuits per six foot length to be mounted. The pitch of this 600 volt block is.050" (center spacing).

200-Series-Phenolic-Heavy-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpgPhenolic Heavy Duty Blocks 200 Series | TE Connectivity
This family of phenolic heavy duty blocks is ideal for high temperature, high current applications. The rugged material withstands temperatures up to 302˚F (150˚C).

300-and-0300-Series-Fuse-and-Switch-Tyco-Electronics.jpgFuse and Switch 300 Series & 0300 Series | TE Connectivity
This broad line features High Density Blocks (Series 0135), Nylon & Polypropylene Blocks (Series 0300) and Phenolic Blocks (Series300).

400-Series-Ultra-Heavy-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpg400 Series Ultra Heavy Duty | TE Connectivity
This Ultra Heavy Duty line includes two series. The 400 series is rated up to 270 A; the 444 series is rated up to 455 A.

500-Series-Medium-Duty-Phenolic-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMedium Duty Phenolic Blocks 500 Series | TE Connectivity
This family pf phenolic blocks is ideal for high temperature applications. The rugged material withstands temperatures up to 302˚F (150˚C). Medium Duty phenolic block sections snap-fit with 300 & 600V nylon and polypropylene, Heavy Duty, Intermediate Heavy Duty, and Fuse and Switch blocks.

600-and-700-Series-Medium-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpg600 and 700 Series Medium Duty Terminal Blocks | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity 600 and 700 Series Medium Duty. This versatile series of Medium Duty blocks is available in two major categories: 300 volt (600 series) and 600 volt (700 series).
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800-Series-Intermediate-Heavy-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpgVolt Blocks Intermediate Heavy Duty 800 Series | TE Connectivity
This line of 600 volt blocks is rated up to 150 A and is available in a standard version and a corrosion resistant version. Intermediate Heavy Duty blocks snap-fit with 300 & 600V, Medium duty phenolic, Heavy duty nylon, polypropylene and phenolic, and Fuse and Switch blocks.

900-Series-Medium-Duty-Tyco-Electronics.jpg900 Series Medium Duty | TE Connectivity
The 900 Series is available in .375" centerline, in direct or channel mount, tubular or strap versions, and screw, clamp or connect configurations. Corrosion-resistant versions are also available. The 900 Series snap-fit with the Medium Duty 500, 600, and 700 Series as well as with the Heavy Duty, Intermediate Heavy Duty and Fuse and Switch blocks.