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The NANONICS 50 ohm coaxial connector system combines the benefits of the rectangular DUALOBE connectors while offering the flexibility to terminate up to nine coaxial contacts within the same metal connector housing. Furthermore, with this unique design, five signal contacts, terminated with 30 AWG or smaller discrete wire, can also be integrated into this connector package. These connectors are typically used in applications with frequencies up to 20 GHz.

MRJ21 product is the next generation of I/O interconnects providing density/space savings for current 10/100 or GbE RJ45 applications or RJ21 applications. The MRJ21 is a high density cable assembly I/O product that requires one third (1/3) the space of standard telecom configurations using Mod Plugs or RJ21 telecom connectors.  


  • Performance up to 20 GHz
  • Up to 9 coax connections per housing
  • Mixed signal options available
  • Horizontal surface mount receptacle available