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OSP miniature connectors for semi-rigid cable meet high performance requirements for microwave multiple interconnects. Standard units are available in bulkhead or panel mount designs for either direct solder or OSCC solderless compression crimp attachment. Complete tooling for both versions is located in the Tool Section of this catalog.

OSP Jack connectors are available in either float or rigid mount. Rigid mount units will function to specifications up to ±.10 [.004] radial misalignment with the mating plug connector. Applications requiring greater than ±.10 [.004 ] radial misalignment can use either the float design or floating connector plates with guide pins.

The OSCC Solderless Compression Crimp attachment meets high performance requirements for microwave system applications. The cable attachment is permanent and highly reliable.

Ease of assembly permits users unskilled in soldering techniques to rapidly produce cable assemblies with consistently excellent mechanical and electrical performance.  


  • Interface designed for multiple interconnects
  • For high performance microwave system requirements
  • Bulkhead or panel mount
  • For semi-rigid cable
  • 50 ohm Impedance


  • Instrumentation Equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Medical