tyco_crown_edge_thumb.jpgCROWN EDGE Connectors | TE Connectivity
CROWN EDGE Connectors are a board-to-board power interconnect solution that uses ELCON high performance CROWN BAND contact technology configured to mate directly with a printed circuit board edge or, for higher currents, with a solid bus bar. Power, signal and mixed contact modules can be combined and mounted end-to-end to meet the requirements of the applications.

mini_crown_thumb.jpgMini CROWN EDGE Connectors High Current | TE Connectivity
This is a family of low-profile, high-current power connectors for pluggable 1U and 2U Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM). All Mini CROWN EDGE connectors use ELCON high-performance CROWN BAND true power contacts, capable of 25A each. While there is a Mini CROWN EDGE connector configuration specifically designed for VRM 10.2 that can carry up to 150A, other layouts capable of 200A or more are also available.

sec_tyco_thumb.jpgSEC-II Power Connectors | TE Connectivity
The SEC-II Power Connectors offer an ideal combination of low-current and high-current connections in a single, durable design in a variety of combinations of power and signal contacts.

stedge_tyco_thumb.jpgStandard Edge II Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP Standard Edge II Connectors provide high reliability and economy in packages compatible with industry standards for double sided printed circuit boards.

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