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AMP offers a versatile family of connectors that accept Type I, II and III PC Cards. These PC Card Connectors are compatible with PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association), PC Card and JEIDA (Japan Electronics Industry Development Association), PC Card standards.

Receptacle Assemblies
68-position receptacle assemblies attach to a PC Card and feature high-temperature, reflow process compatibility for surface or straddle mounting. The receptacle contacts are designed with dual contact beams for reliable electrical performance. These receptacles find wide application in memory cards (SRAM, DRAM, Flash), PC Cards, Modem and Lan I/O kits and Imaging Systems.

Pin Headers
68-position right-angle pin headers, available in standard, and raised heights, provide attachment to the host equipment and offer three levels of sequencing. The pin headers feature high-temperature, re-flow process compatibility. Both standard and raised height pin headers offer through-hole and surface-mount lead configurations for top or bottom mounting. Double slot standard and raised height pin headers permit 136 circuit connections with through-hole lead configurations for top mounting. An organizer on the 68- and 136-position headers and 4-sided post lead-in aid in the placement of the headers on the PC board. The true position of the leads is held to 0.30 [.012]. This allows a small hole size, 0.84 [.033], to be used in the PC pattern, which gives the designer flexibility in routing signal paths. This pin header is also available in a vertical, top-board surface mount configuration, as well as bottom board surface-mount. Guide rails and card guides facilitate the insertion and removal of the PC Cards. Pin headers find wide use in such equipment as: computer, office photographic, communications, industrial, test and medical, and pay TV/satellite.

Ejectors facilitate the insertion and extraction of PC Cards. They provide ESD/EMI protection and are available with eject buttons on either side. Ejectors are furnished to accommodate standard and raised height and double slot pin headers and may be purchased separately, or assembled to the pin headers. They are designed to be easily added to the pin headers after PC board processing.

Enhanced (shielded) pin headers and receptacle assemblies are available for 32-bit PC Card applications.


  • Conforms to PCMCIA standard
  • 68 or 132 position available
  • Full solution (header, receptacle, frames and I/O) is available
  • Card bus and non-card bus versions
  • Numerous stacking and ejector options


  • Wireless and wired communications cards
  • Rotating and solid state storage devices
  • Optical and magnetic micro drives
  • I/O, security, and flash memory cards