PCB Mounted Jacks

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Industrial_Mini_IO_Jacks_Tyco_electronics_thumb.jpgIndustrial Mini I/O Jacks | TE Connectivity
The Industrial Mini I/O connector system is a small, compact, latching, wire-to-board I/O interface is suitable for the stringent demands of an industrial device. It is one quarter the size of a conventional RJ45 plug and is designed with two points of contact for increased reliability in high vibration environments. 

Multi-Port-Modular-Jacks-Tyco-Electronics.jpgMulti-Port Modular Jacks | TE Connectivity
Multi-Port Modular Jacks are for applications requiring printed circuit board mounted, shielded and unshielded, ganged modular jacks. With industry pc board footprints, these 8-position right angle jacks can be designed into various networking devices. 

Single-Port-PCB-Modular-Jacks-Tyco-Electronics.jpgSingle Port PCB Modular Jacks | TE Connectivity
Single Port Modular Jacks are available in both side or top entry and shielded or unshielded. The side entry additionally comes in a variety of heights from 17.4mm to 11.5mm. They are designed for direct mounting on pc boards and ease of soldering and board cleaning. The shielded mod jacks are available with and without panel grounds. 

Stacked-PCB-Modular-Jacks-Tyco-Electronics.jpgStacked PCB Modular Jacks | TE Connectivity
Stacked Modular Jacks low profile and narrow width allow more ports to be packed into less space, while the accurately positioned solder tails reduce assembly labor. Low profile stacked modular jacks exceed Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) requirements of 40db at 100 MHz, on all 4-pair combinations. They are available in both unshielded and shielded versions. Shielded modular jacks are available with and without panel grounds. 

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