Press-Fit Stacking Connector

TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity (TE) introduces press-fit stackable connectors with a footprint that matches VPX daughtercard layouts for low noise, gas-tight connections with low signal loss, and highly reliable performance in printed circuit board (PCB) applications. Well suited to mezzanine and parallel board-to-board, the connectors offer reliable signal integrity.

Press-fit stacking connectors satisfy the need for 10 Gb/s digital signals in high-density packaging. With a stack height of just 4 mm, these connectors help save space in military electronics and commercial aerospace applications. The connectors use eye-of-needle compliant pins for solderless application to the board. For higher pin counts, they are end-to-end stackable without losing centerline spacing.


  • Save space with a 4 mm stack height
  • Satisfy the need for 10 Gb/s digital signals in high-density packaging
  • Support higher pin counts with end-to-end stackable
  • Secure connections with board retention, 1 pound minimum per pin
  • Permit high-density, high-performance packaging with a low profile
  • Accommodate a range of PCB plating options
  • Compatible with rigid flex or board-to-board stacking
  • Rigid flex board attachment
  • Mezzanine boards


  • Commercial Air
  • Military Electronics