RJ Point Five Connector System

TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity RJ point five connector system is a next generation Ethernet link that offers a higher density cabling solution compared to traditional Ethernet links. The system is well suited for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who desire a lower cost per port while maintaining the convenience of a single connector per channel. With port spacing on a 7mm centerline, the RJ point five connector system occupies half the space of a RJ45 Ethernet link. Along with the high density receptacle, TE Connectivity also offers the mating cable assembly, as well as cable management solutions for single box and rack configurations. The cable assembly was redesigned to achieve superior electrical performance by eliminating the cross over. Additionally, the latching feature supports an easy-to-use lanyard that will facilitate up to 96 ports on a single line card. The density of the receptacle face allows the light from the LEDs to be transferred out through the cable boot, bringing the port indicator light closer to the end user.


  • Double the density of the standard RJ45 Ethernet link
  • Same footprint to support both integrated magnetic and non-integrated solutions
  • Cable assemblies capable of field termination
  • Cable management features available from TE Connectivity for higher density configurations
  • Product family will support Gigabit speeds of Cat5e UTP cable, and roadmap supports PoE+ and 10Gig over Cat6a
  • Receptacle is a modular design to allow for easy and rapid deployment of product extensions


  • High density Ethenet switching/routing products
  • Data center switching applications include top of rack, end of row, mid row
  • Server I/O applications
  • Wiring closet switching products