Raychem Spin Lock Variable Angle Backshell

TE Connectivity
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This new backshell enables straight, 45° and 90° cable terminations with the same part. The connector backshell swiveling body rotates around the axis of the cable bundle and locks in position, minimizing stress on the wire bundle and providing more robust strain relief than any other termination systems.


  • High performance, low resistance shield termination provided by the proven Tinel-Lock ring system or bandstrap
  • Sealed termination achieved via a standard heat-shrinkable molded shape and adhesive system
  • Available in a variety of material and plating options
  • Saddle clamp strain relief or heat-shrinkable molded shape provides strain relief and sealing


  • Military and Commercial Aerospace
  • Military Marine
  • Military Ground Systems
  • Commercial Ships and Off-Shore Marine