Removable Memory Product Family

TE Connectivity


compactflash.gifCompactFlash™ Connectors | TE Connectivity Connectors
CompactFlash™ Storage Cards are small, removable mass-storage devices that electrically comply with CompactFlash™ Association standards, the PC Card ATA standard, and also run in true IDE Mode. These 50 position cards typically hold between 32 MB and 2 GB of memory and are about the size of a matchbook.

SD-Cards.gifMemory Cards SD Secure Digital | TE Connectivity Connectors
By linking assorted forms of digital equipment, the SD memory card stores digital files without requiring a computer. TE Connectivity, an Executive Board member of the SD Association (SDA) standards committee, has kept pace with developments in secure digital technology and is equipped to offer connector solutions to meet customer needs.

megaSIM.gifMega SIM Card Connectors | TE Connectivity Connectors
TE Connectivity offers 8 Position Interconnect that conforms to the Industry Specification of GSM 11.11 for SIM Cards (Subscriber Identity Modules) but incorporating the additional two contacts to access the enhanced memory capacity of the cards. The products currently offered are referred to as Mega-Sim, Multimedia SIM or Multi-megabyte SIM – all referring to increasing the capacity from the standard 64-Kilobyte or 128K SIM cars to 1,000 times this amount. The Interconnect changes from three rows to a four rows. The added contacts are necessary for accessing the evolving trend of adding memory to the SIM Card itself.

memory-stick.gifMemory Stick Connectors | TE Connectivity Connectors
Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format. The term is also used to describe the whole family of memory sticks. TE Connectivity has satisfied market demands by producing connectors in a variety of configurations for the MEMORY STICK media product line. These include connectors for MEMORY STICK PRO media, with choices of either top or reverse mounting connectors for MEMORY STICK PRO DUO media.

xD-Picture-Card-Connector-Tyco-Electronics.jpgxD-Picture Card™ Connectors | TE Connectivity
xD Picture Cards are the smallest memory cards available at 20mm x 25mm x 1.7mm thick. Currently available, xD-Picture Card device have memory capacities ranging from 32mb to 512mb. The TE Connectivity connector for xD-Picture Card device is a surface mountable, shielded, and very low profile design featuring push-pull ejection.

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