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AMP offers a complete line of SMA connectors designed for performance to 18 GHz to satisfy the growing demand for SMA connectors in the wireless communications industry. The SMA product line offers stainless steel bodies, as well as non-ferrous metals. Various plating options are available, including Gold and White Bronze. The SMA interface is fully compatible with MIL-C-39012.

While still offering various options on military (QPL) approved connectors, AMP has developed a complete offering tailored to the commercial Communications industry. This includes 3 piece flexible cable products for popular RG 316, 142 and RD 316 cable utilizing industry standard HEX crimps.

The SMA Connector series meets the performance, quality and application requirements of the commercial marketplace. This includes White Bronze plating, a unique finish developed by AMP to address the performance needs of the telecommunications market. This plating is highly resistant to wear, and contains no ferrous metals, thus displaying excellent inter-modulation characteristics.

To satisfy the broad range of commercial applications, SMA connectors are available in a broad range of standard configurations including; straight and right angle cable applied plugs, bulkhead cable jacks, two and four hole flange mount panel jacks, straight and right angle pcb mount jacks and various between and in series adapters. Numerous packaging and testing options are also available to meet specific system criteria as well.

Additionally, standard military approved (QPL) interfaces are offered as well. Including connectors for semi-rigid cable and micro strip applications.

The three-piece SMA Connector offering is designed especially for applications in cellular infrastructure where Inter- Modulation Products (IMP) must be minimized. By limiting non-linearities within the connectors, IMP is reduced and increased channel capacity can be offered.  


  • Rugged connector with threaded coupling mechanism designed for performance through 12.4 GHz (standard) and 18 GHz (high frequency)
  • Meets all performance requirements for MIL-C 39012
  • Available in various base metal options, including stainless steel, brass and zinc diecast
  • Uses industry standard crimp tools and processes
  • Available with corrosion resistant, non-magnetic White Bronze plating


  • Telecommunications