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The success of the OSM (SMA) connector created a need for a smaller version for reduced packaging requirements. The OSSM (SSMA) series connector was designed to a size compatible with smaller diameter semi-rigid cable. The coupling thread is 10-36 UNS thread.

OSSM connectors are available for both semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cable. Panel and bulkhead mount, strip transmission line type, micro-strip transmission type and hermetically sealed connectors and in-series adapters give designers complete flexibility for component and system design.  


  • Smaller version of SMA series with performance beyond 40 GHz
  • Designed for use with smaller diameter semi-rigid and flexible coax cable
  • Meets applicable MIL-39012 requirements
  • Panel and bulkhead mount, strip transmission line type, and hermetically sealed configurations available


  • Microwave communication equipment
  • Air and sea applications
  • Weapon systems
  • Microwave measuring equipment