SVH Connectors

TE Connectivity

SHV connectors are lightweight, weatherproof connectors designed to provide shielded disconnects for high-voltage applications up to 5,000 volts DC. They can be used with a wide range of small coaxial cables such as RG-58C, 59B, 62B, and 188.

For maximum operating performance, the SHV Connector has been designed to comply with the National Bureau of Standards' specification ND-545. In addition, the connector meets all specifications for the NIM standard high-voltage connector of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This connector has non-consistent impedance characteristics and features polarized center contacts which are recessed in the dielectric. The connector also has bayonet-locking coupling similar to BNC connectors; however, the SHV connector will not intermate with the standard bayonet-type connector.


  • Safe-tested at 5000 volts DC
  • Polarized center contacts
  • Heat-resistant TEFLON insulators
  • Crimp contacts for low-cost applications
  • Quick connect/disconnect bayonet coupling
  • Positive insulation grip
  • Panel or bulkhead solder jacks can be pre-positioned in a panel or bulkhead


  • High voltage applications
    • Nuclear instruments
    • Test & measurement equipment