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The TE Connectivity Sealed Sensor Connector (SSC) is a system of contacts, housings and accessories which is widely used for electrical and electronic wire-to-sensor or wire-to-wire connections. The Sealed Sensor Connector system has been developed to meet the severe requirements of the automotive under-hood environment. However, the systems waterproof and high temperature capabilities make it ideal for many other automotive, commercial vehicle and non-automotive severe environmental applications. Both the wire seal and the connector seal ring are made of high temperature silicon and have 3 sealing ridges on their external circumferences for effective sealing and ease of assembly and connector mating. Wire sealing is achieved by means of an individual wire seal which is inserted on the wire and crimped in the insulation support of the contact simultaneously with the contact. Interfacial sealing is achieved with a pre-assembled seal ring located in the plug assembly.

The pre-assembled yellow double-lock plate is an important feature of the Sealed Sensor Connector system. The plate is shipped in the open position and once closed provides additional retention of the contact in the housing as well as helping to detect contacts which are not fully seated. Additionally, the Sealed Sensor Connector housing provides an audible CLICK to indicate proper connector mating. For applications where more than one connector is required, various keying and colors are available. The contact used in the system is an industry standard .070 tab and receptacle and comes in tin or gold platings.

The Sealed Sensor Connector system provides excellent sealing for a wide range of unprotected applications in harsh environments. The Sealed Sensor Connector system is an established product family with a large customer base in the North American automotive industry and a proven track record spanning over a decade.  


  • Robust housing, glass filled PBT for high temperature applications
  • Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) to prevent contact backout
  • Audible CLICK during mating
  • Damage protected Internal silicone seal interface
  • Industry common .070 series receptacle and tab available in gold or tin plate
  • High density 5mm centerline spacing
  • Multiple positions available
  • Multiple keying and housing colors available


  • Automotive under-hood environments
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Marine craft
  • Farm and construction equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Outdoor utility equipment like pressure washers