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Shielded Miniature Circular DIN printed circuit board receptacles are ideal I/O connectors where board real estate is at a premium. All connectors are available in three through eight positions plus right-angle connectors are available in a nine position configuration. Stacked connectors are also available in six- and nine-position configurations. Miniature Circular DIN, pcb thru-hole receptacles are available in a choice of right-angle or vertical mount designs. Right-angle receptacles are designed for automated assembly. They incorporate registration notch controlled datum surfaces and contact locations needed for robotic pick-up and placement. The housings, made of 94V-0 rated material, are designed to withstand the rigors of IR reflow soldering. The right-angle design incorporates a one-piece copper alloy shield and features optional front panel grounding fingers or grounding clip. Both ensure direct grounding. Super VHS Shields are available -- contact AMP Incorporated. Thru-hole contacts are tin-lead plated for easy soldering, while the receptacle's stand-off design prevents shield damage to the pc board traces, and enhances cleaning after soldering. Vertical mount receptacles are offered in two shielded configurations -- with or without front panel screw-down.


  • Compact Size, same envelope dimension for all sizes -- 3 through 9
  • Available in 6 and 9-positions stacked configurations
  • Stacked visual keying available
  • Right-angle and vertical receptacles incorporate one-piece shield for excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Polarized and keyed to prevent mismating
  • Housings made of 94V-0 rated thermoplastic, IR reflow compatible
  • Right-angle receptacles compatible with robotic pick-and-place assembly
  • Receptacles with fully formed socket contacts with proven retention system
  • Receptacles accept plug connectors with or without latches