Subminiature RF Coax Connectors Product Family

TE Connectivity


blindmate_thumb.jpg Blind Mate Connectors 2.4/2.8/3.5 | TE Connectivity
The TE Connectivity Blind Mate 2.4/2.8/3.5 Connectors are a modular space saving blind mate series with interface designed for multiple interconnects. Performance to 26 or exceeding 50 GHz.
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din_thumb.jpg DIN Series RF Connectors 1.0/2.3 | TE Connectivity
Miniature coaxial connectors series 1,0/2,3 (CECC 22230 and IEC169-29) coaxial connectors are devised to meet the requirements of compact electronic instrumentation.
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img8931.jpg MCX Microminiature Snap-on Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP MCX microminiature snap-on connectors offer an excellent blend of size, durability and performance for emerging applications in GPS, automotive and wireless communications. MCX connectors are 30% smaller than traditional snap-on SMB connectors, offering greater packaging density and weight reduction.
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Mini-BNC-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics.jpg Mini BNC Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity has developed the Mini BNC series of RF connectors to meet the growing demand for next generation telecommunications and broadband applications where higher connector densities are needed. Preserving the characteristics that have made the standard BNC so popular, the Mini BNC offers the same high performance currently found in standard TE Connectivity BNC series, but offers 40% more interconnects in the same area.
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osp_thumb.jpg OSP Miniature Connectors | TE Connectivity
OSP miniature connectors for semi-rigid cable meet high performance requirements for microwave multiple interconnects.
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qsl_thumb.jpg QMA Snap On Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’ next generation high performance RF products QMA (Snap On SMA) connectors series offers the same high quality and performance currently found in the standard TE Connectivity SMA series but does not require the coupling nut torque.
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sma_thumb.jpg SMA Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP offers a complete line of SMA connectors designed for performance to 18 GHz to satisfy the growing demand for SMA connectors in the wireless communications industry.
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smb_thumb.jpg SMB Connectors | TE Connectivity
SMB Connectors are available in commercial and high rel versions. They are ideally suited for circuit miniaturization and are offered in a wide range of configurations including plugs, right angle plugs, jacks, bulkhead jacks and adapters, as well as printed circuit board and solder jacks.
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