UV-SCE Marker Sleeves

TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity’s UV_SCE Marker Sleeves are the latest solution to identify wires and cables where extreme resistance to Ultra Violet (UV) and harsh weather conditions are required.

The Heat Shrinkable sleeves provide outstanding physical performance, mark permanence and excellent legibility even after more than 25,000 hours of UV and moisture exposure without cracking or chalking, providing a long lasting mark. UV-SCE is assembled in a ladder configuration for ease of printing using the recommended TE printers, ribbon and software combinations their innovative Cable Identification system solution.


  • UV Resistant
  • Flame retardant polymer compound
  • Proven resistance and durability through rigorous testing
  • Operating temperature from -55 degrees to 200 degrees C
  • Available as part of the Cable Identification System


  • All demanding applications for wire and cable identification where extreme resistance to UV and weather conditions are required
    • Solar
    • Outdoor
    • Offshore
    • Marine
    • Petrochemical
    • Telecom