PolySwitch Resettable Devices for Automotive

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We have provided PPTC resettable devices for the automotive industry for over 25 years. With the advent of TS16949 and our continued involvement in the automotive industry, we developed automotive specific versions of our PolySwitch PPTC devices (nanoASMDC, microASMD, miniASMDC, AHS, ASMD, AHRF, AHEF, AGRF and BD). These products are qualified and sold under PS400 specification which is derived from AECQ200, the standard for electronic components used in the automotive industry. The key difference between these product families and other protection devices in our circuit protection product portfolio is the qualification process followed according to a series of rigorous tests related to the automotive environment. As a result, they are characterized by specific additional values determined post automotive related testing.


  • RoHS compliant
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection devices
  • Resettable and single-use overcurrent devices
  • Wide range of form factor and termination methods
  • Products meet applicable automotive industry standards
  • Devices compatible with high-volume electronics assembly


  • Motor and motor circuit protection including power door-locks, mirrors, lumbar pumps, seats, sunroofs and windows
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) I/O protection
  • Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) motor and I/O protection
  • Telematics, infotainment and navigations systems
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) back-light heaters
  • Power and cigarette lighter outlets, plugs and adapter/chargers
  • Powered networks and busses
  • Air-flow detection and overcurrent protection in HVAC and cooling fan systems
  • Stall detection in express window and sunroof circuits
  • Power distribution, electrical centers and junction box resettable overcurrent protection
  • Wire downsizing
  • Motor Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) suppression
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damage protection
  • Load dump and other transient voltage protection