AMP PAIR MATE Connectors .040 Series

TE Connectivity
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Pair Mate .040 Inquire

The TE Connectivity AMP 0.40 Series 120 Position Sealed PAIRMATE Connector consists of a cap housing mounted onto the board horizontally, a plug housing used for wire termination, receptacle contacts, a double locking plate, and plugs used to seal empty cavities. This connector is of simplified waterproof construction with rubber seals integrated into the body. It is designed to secure a waterproof function for the main unit of a computer by utilizing rubber seals between cap and plug housings, plug housings and wire, and between a cap housing and the unit.

The cap is a one-piece housing comprised of three 40-position connectors ganged together, all preloaded with right-angle posted contacts. As with the non-waterproof type connector, a tine plate is used with the cap housing to facilitate connector insertion to the board. It also has a mechanism to prevent scooping of contacts at connector mating and unmating.

The plug housing consists of an 80-position housing with two 40-position connectors ganged together and a 40-position housing. The 80-position housing can be mated in one stroke using bolts, while the 40-position housing can be mated and unmated by hand using low insertion force contacts. This plug housing provides double locking of receptacle contacts using a separate plate. The plate has a combined function of securing a positive loading of contacts and preventing the contacts from being loaded halfway.


  • High density sealed I/O connector
  • Screw bold for 80 position plug mating to secure
  • All gold contact


  • Automotive Industry