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The AMP Braid-Pic Contact represents an entirely new approach to braided shield termination. This precision formed contact features four integral lances in the wire barrel which during the crimping operation, penetrate the braid, providing redundant electrical contact. Mechanical stability is maintained by the weaving of the braid through and around the terminal lances, and the adjacent sidewalls of the wire barrel. The finished crimp captures the braid in a 360° termination for maximum mechanical strength in the braid area. The built-in insulation provides additional mechanical integrity on the outer jacket of the coaxial cable.

The AMP-Braid-Pic Contact is available in tin-plated brass and is supplied in strip form, reel feed for AMP-O-LECTRIC Automatic Machine application, providing the highest possible production rates at the lowest applied cost. For limited production or maintenance and repair, Braid -Pic Contacts are available in loose piece for CERTI-CRIMP hand tool termination.

To meet your specific application, the AMP Braid-Pic Contacts and Receptacle Assemblies are available in three distinct styles.

  1. STYLE I: Permanent Mount Contact - (for braid termination only)
    During completion of the braid crimp, two rectangular tabs are automatically bent to a 90° angle for insertion into a pc board. The center conductor is manually bent at a similar 90° angle and inserted into the board. Both tabs and the center conductor are the flow soldered for permanent board attachment. 
  2. STYLE II: Permanent Mount Contact - (for braid and center conductor termination)
    This terminal provides simultaneous crimp termination of both the braid and stranded center conductor. At the same time, the applicator automatically forms three rectangular tabs at 90° angles for quick, easy insertion into the pc board. As with Style I, all three tabs are soldered for permanent contact.
  3. STYLE III: Vertical Disconnect -
    This terminal designed specifically for applications requiring vertical connection to the board with the option of connect/disconnect. The assembly, using a solid center conductor as the center contact, consists of three basic elements:
    a. The Braid-Pic contact with cable support
    b. The vertical pc board disconnect which is soldered to the pc board and carries the ground circuit from the cable to the pc board.
    c. The AMP Miniature Spring Socket which is soldered to the pc board and acts as the receptacle contact for the center conductor A grounding terminal is also available for terminating the shields of cables. This terminal uses the same termination technique as the Braid-Pic contact and provides a ring tongue for easy shield attachment.


  • Three styles to suit your application
  • No special cable preparation
  • Four point braid contact for excellent electrical continuity
  • 360° termination with built-in cable support for mechanical stability
  • Precision formed contacts -- low component price
  • Accepts a variety of coaxial cable sizes
  • Minimum inventory required