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The AMPLIMITE cassette connector is designed as a complete systems approach for use with magnetic bubble memories, as well as RAM, PROM and EPROM memories. This versatile, highly reliable connector is comprised of a cartridge and cartridge holder.

The cartridge consists of top and bottom cover halves that snap together, a front cover which provides keying, a 33-position Subminiature D receptacle connector and a sliding gate for optical "write-protect" sensing. Cover halves also have provisions for a customer logo and program identification label. A long version of the cartridge is available to provide an additional 1.460 [37.08] of length.

The cartridge holder consists of a holder body that accepts the cartridge and includes mounting ears for pc board mounting, a cover which provides keying and flush rear-panel mounting and a 33-position Subminiature D pin connector. Also included are provisions for "busy" and "write-protect" LED's and a "write-protect" optical sensor. A long cartridge holder is available to accept the long cartridge.


  • Keying of cartridge and holder prevents insertion of undesired cartridge into holder
  • Keying variations accomplished by simply changing front and panel mount covers
  • Cartridge:
    • Recessed sliding gate provides for optical sensing with reflective background
    • Unit can be disassembled with special tool for servicing/inspection
    • Connector concept uses industry standard AMP Sub-miniature D connector configuration and socket contacts with selective plating for high-cycle life
    • Position 9 contact recessed for removal and insertion detection
  • Cartridge Holder:
    • Rear panel mount cover provides flush panel mounting, avoiding cutout edges
    • Body and connector rigidly interlocked, requiring no additional support
    • Optical sensor and LED's can be wave-soldered directly to pc board
    • Pin connector uses industry proven AMP Sub-miniature D contacts with selective plating for high-cycle life