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Tri-Barrier blocks help contain stray or frayed wire ends. This helps prevent electrical shorts -- not only between positions on the same block, but also between other components immediately adjacent to the block. With today's high-density printed circuit board designs, this has become an increasingly important feature. Tri-Barrier Strips with Attached Safety Covers are printed circuit board mounted and are designed for power applications. The strips are available in several position sizes and incorporate a flip-open clear safety cover. The tri-barrier strips with safety covers offer the following features: screwdriver access holes in cover allow for efficient wiring (cover may remain closed); standard SEMS screws accommodate bare and stranded wire terminations; and combination drive screws with #2 Phillips recess and standard slot.

The Dual-Barrier design provides a more cost-effective solution than the Tri-Barrier strips while still supplying many of the design advantages.

Barrier Strip Sockets allow quick connection of circuits simultaneously without the use of tools. They are designed to be wave-soldered to a printed circuit board, after which the connector is plugged into the socket. These sockets feature end-to-end mounting of USB sockets maintain circuit spacing: two 12-circuit sockets can mate with one 24-circuit barrier strip connector and secure mating with built-in locking arms.


  • Available in double row, dual-level, tri-barrier, and dual barrier
  • Variety of centerlines available
  • Rated up to 30A and 300V
  • Accepts various wire ranges from 10-26 AWG
  • Back barriers to safeguard field wiring (Tri-barrier)
  • Fast wiring - backed-out wire ready screws
  • Interrupted thread designed to prevent screws from falling out
  • Standoffs allow flux and solvents to drain during cleaning
  • Molded-to-length or cut-to-length versions available
  • Choice of binding head or SEMS screws


  • Industrial controls and automation
  • Machine tools
  • HVAC
  • Security/Irrigation
  • Transformers
  • Power Supplies