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TE Connectivity’s Convenience Outlets offer a fast and easy way to add an AC Power Outlet to a variety of electrical and/or electronic equipment. The connectors are available to snap-in to panels or to be mounted on a printed circuit board. The panel mount connectors use insulation displacement technology to terminate the contacts to solid wires (from 18 AWG to 12 AWG). The printed circuit board mounted connectors include both Outlet Jacks (which are touch-safe) and Input Jacks (which accept custom molded power cord receptacles).


  • Panel mount connector snaps in without use of tools and holds securely without retention hardware
  • Terminates solid copper wire using stripless insulation displacement terminals
  • Terminates wire end or allows wire to feed thru
  • Alternate connections uses FASTON 205 Series tabs (see catalog 82004)
  • Panel mount connectors available in two sizes: 14-12AWG (2-3 mm2), and 18-16 AWG (0.8-1.mm2)
  • Rated under the Component Recognition Program of Underwiters Laboratories Inc. File No. E146448 except for part number 213727-1
  • Designed to UL Performance Std. 498
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR-7189A (CSA) 15A, 12-14AWG (3- mm2), 13 A, 16AWG (1.4mm2), 10 A, 18AWG (0.8 mm2) File No. LR-7189A (part number 213827-1 only)


  • Multiple outlet strips
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Industrial applications where a convenient AC power outlet is needed to be installed to the equipment in order to power external devices