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The DC Series Power Line filters were designed as general purpose line filters for DC applications. They are available with or without circuit breakers for extra protection. They are available with feed-through capacitors for added high frequency performance. The DC series is designed to comply with UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 and EN60950.

The DC series was developed in response to the increasing demand for DC filtering in the telecom-datacom market. These filters are generally used in central office equipment like switches, routers, and hubs to clean up the 48 VDC power, but are not exclusive to that equipment. They can also be used at the primary input of the DC power supply.

The DC Series is available in both a flange mount (DCF) and bulkhead mount (DCB) configuration.  


  • Circuit Breaker (B Suffix)
    • Always hold 100% of rated current independent of ambient temperature (minimize nuisance tripping)
    • Always trip at 125% of rated current independent of ambient temperature
    • Can be combined with feed through capacitor in bulk head mount (DCB prefix) for high performance applications (BF Suffix)
  • Feed Through Capacitor for High Performance (F Suffix)
    • High performance results out to 3Ghz
    • Available only in bulk head (DCB prefix ) configuration only
    • Can be combined with circuit breaker feature (BF Suffix)


  • Telecom/Datacom
  • Aero & Defense
  • Industrial /Commercial
  • Automotive