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The Drawer Series family of mixed power and signal connectors is designed for an unlimited array of applications that use drawer-type, true hot-plug power supply units. Contacts are AC IN and DC OUT power, logic and signal are all housed in robust one piece insulators that have built-in or optional mating guides for improved gatherability and mating polarization. The drawer connector uses the ELCON CROWN BAND contact which consists of a fingered barrel with the flexibility and conductivity to deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance. This results in consistent insertion and extraction forces, and maximum surface contact area for low voltage drop and minimal heat generation. True hot-pluggability is supported through the use of gold-plated size #12 contacts specially designed to achieve current interruption under load as defined by safety regulatory agencies. TE Connectivity ELCON Drawer Series connectors use standard contacts in all its housings, resulting in lower cost and fewer part numbers. Contacts are available crimp, PCB tail, threaded and press-fit termination styles, meeting a wide range of connector mounting requirements.  


  • High performance CROWN BAND contacts
  • Low millivolt drop, minimal temperature rise
  • Float mount for improved gatherability (blind mating)
  • True hot-pluggability for current interruption under load
  • Sequenced mating for power and signal
  • Crimp, PCB tail, compliant press-fit and threaded terminations
  • Meets safety regulatory requirements


  • Low noise power supplies
  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Power factor-correcting (PFC) power supplies
  • Systems requiring mounting to backplane or chassis
  • Redundant (N + 1) power systems
  • "Live” hot-plug power supplies