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Corcom offers a complete line of Power Entry Modules that solve a variety of power entry needs by combing functions to reduce cost, space and labor. By combining an international standard power cord connector with multiple options for fusing, voltage selection, switching and filtering, one power entry module can replace the cost and labor of up to five individual parts. With hundreds of different combinations of power entry functions, Corcom's Power Entry Modules offer a cost-effective solution to the power entry needs of many systems.

  • C Series: (1-15 Amp) Compact Size IEC Connector with Switch for General or Medical Applications
  • GG/HG Series: (1-10 Amp) Smallest Filtered Power Entry Modules with Metric Fuseholders
  • J Series: (6 Amp) Voltage Selecting and Fused Connector with Optional Filter or General Purpose Applications and UL544 or UL2601 health Care Equipment
  • L Series: (2-6 Amp) Power Entry Module with RFI Power Line Filter for General or Medical Applications
  • LA Series: (3-5 Amp) Multi-Function Power Entry Modules with RFI Power Line Filters, SMPS FCC-B & SMPS VDE-B
  • M Series: (3-6 Amp) Power Entry Module with Optional Filter for General and Medical Applications
  • P Series: (3-10 Amp) The CHAMELEON® Adaptable Module for General, High Performance or Medical Applications, available in both filtered and unfiltered configurations
  • SR Series: (15 Amp) AC Connectors