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FLATPAQ connectors provide hot-pluggable AC and DC power in board-to-board applications. Customized configurations of up to 45A power contacts, signal and logic lines, and guides (both active and passive) are enabled by the assembly of various standard modules. This allows the designer to specify guidance for blind mating situations, contact mating sequence, spacing for voltage ratings, and current interruption under load (true Hot-Plug), to meet custom design requirements without incurring any tooling expense.


  • 45 Amp high performance ELCON CROWN BAND power contacts
  • True hot-plug power contacts available for current interruption under load
  • Versatile modular design allows customized configuration to meet your specific application requirements
  • Perpendicular, parallel and co-planar styles available
  • Sequenced mating of power and signal contacts
  • Solder and compliant press-fit termination to the board
  • Unique active guide modules double as alignment guide and power contact
  • RoHS compliant


  • Board-to-board interconnections
  • Hot-swap N+1 power distribution for telecommunications, servers and mini-computers
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Removable battery packs