Low Power Drawer Connectors (AMP-Leaf, Blindmate, Hybrid)

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AMP-LEAF Drawer - Special Blindmate Drawer Connectors are available in 6- and 10-position configurations and provide wire-to-board and wire-towire connection capabilities. These connectors offer the integrity of AMP-LEAF contacts with maximum travel wiping action. Housings feature molded-in guide pins and diagonally aligned sockets for correct polarization and to facilitate blindmating.

Blindmate Drawer - AMP Drawer Connectors are designed as an economical rack and panel connector. Blindmate drawer connectors feature excellent durability and feature low insertion and withdrawal force. Leaf-type hermaphroditic contacts ensure reliable, positive contact. Contacts are on .197 [5.00] centerlines for signal circuits, and .260 [6.60] centerlines for power circuits (2-circuits at each end of the double row of contacts) for a total of 4. Row-to-row spacing is .390 [9.90]. Housings are made of UL 94V-0 rated thermoplastic and feature molded-in guide pins and sockets for positive connector mating. Other features include wire outlets which provide for sufficient creep distance, plus mated assemblies are completely dust-proof.

Hybrid Blindmate Drawer - AMP Hybrid Drawer Connectors offer high current and signal circuits mixed in the same connector system. High current circuits use MIC connector contacts which are located at the four corners of the housing. Signal circuits use the same hermaphroditic crimp snap-in contacts that are used in the Standard Drawer Connector. The hermaphroditic housings are available in a popular 24-position size. These housings can be mated with top and bottom turned while maintaining polarity.

Hybrid Mini Drawer - Hybrid Mini-Drawer Connectors are designed for use in rack and panel application to serve as an I/O connector. They provide an economical means of combining into one connector signal circuits and power circuits which were packaged separately in the past. A major design feature of these Hybrid Mini-Drawer Connectors is that Mini- Drawer Connectors mate with one another on the connector mating side and in the back, signal circuits accept a pre-terminated CT receptacle connector. Also, for power circuits, crimp-type power contacts are used by inserting them into the four corners of Mini-Drawer Connector. The housing has an integrated guide-pin and socket to facilitate mating of the connector halves. Provision is also made to prevent dust from entering.

Miniature Power Drawer - The new Miniature Power Drawer connector combines a high density power interface in a blindmateable wire-to-board connector. Available in a crimp-to-wire version, the contacts are rated for up to 15 Amps on 14 AWG wire. In addition, the MPD contacts are designed to meet UL 1977 Hot-Plug requirements for up to 7.8 Amps at 48VDC. The connection consists of a vertical pcb mountable receptacle and a panel mounted floating plug. The vertical receptacle pcb tails are designed for use in either through-hole solder or press-fit applications. The float mount plug is easily installed from the inside of the chassis without any additional hardware, lending itself to easy assembly of pre-made cable assemblies. Additionally, the staggered wire exit pattern permits the maximum number of contact interfaces in the least amount of connector volume. The compact design is ideal for bringing power to small rack-mounted devices.  


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