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AMP Metrimate connectors are true metric specification connectors designed for panel, free-hanging or pc board application. These connectors offer improvements in durability, density and electrical performance over competitive soft-shell pin and socket connectors. They are ideally suited for equipment manufacturers engaged in both national and international markets. This versatile pin and socket connector line is designed to meet the general requirements of various testing and approval agencies, including UL, CSA, VDE and IEC. Presently, connectors are available in various design configurations and the most popular sizes to satisfy a variety of application requirements. Such designs include: square grid connectors for free-hanging and/or panel mounting, free-hanging in-line connectors; square grid and in-line pin and socket headers for pc board mounting; and drawer connectors for rack and panel mounting with radial float. For high electrical performance and maximum economy, all connectors employ housings made of UL rated 94V-0 thermoplastic.

AMP Metrimate Drawer connectors offer true metric specifications for panel (front or rear mount), free-hanging or printed circuit board applications. Available in 4 through 36 positions, these square grid connectors are available with signal, power and posted contacts. Strain reliefs are available for 6 through 36 position square grid panel mount connectors.


  • True metric dimensions - contacts on 5 [.197] centers (drawer connectors and special in-line connectors and pin headers have contacts on 5.08 [.200] centers)
  • Panel mount versions require no hardware for mounting
  • Polarized housings
  • 4- thru 36- position square grid configurations can be mounted to and removed from either front or rear of panel
  • Housings made of UL rated 94V-0 thermoplastic
  • Strain reliefs available for 6- thru 36- position square grid, panel mount housings
  • Drawer connectors available in 4- thru 30- position sizes, standard and low profile versions
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR7189
  • Tested to VDE requirements outlined in VDE Test Report No. 4751-1431-1029/A1l
  • Produced under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001
  • Designed to meet IEC (440 V) requirements


  • Transportation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Office Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Lighting