MINIPAK HD Power Connectors

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The MINIPAK HD connector is a two-piece board-to-board connector designed to meet the PICMG MicroTCA specification. TE Connectivity supplies the Power Entry Module (PEM) connector specified in the PICMG MicroTCA Standard. The PICMG MicroTCA.0 Standard is one of the latest standards addressing future telecommunications needs. The MINIPAK HD combines 24 power contacts and 72 high density signal contacts. The power contacts are the industry proven contacts utilized in the Universal Power Module (UPM) and are capable of carrying 14.5A per contact when fully energized. Rugged contact design ensures long-term reliability and sacrificed contact tip, controls arcing during hot mate/unmate cycles. The MINIPAK HD also features 3 levels of mating and selective gold plating on contacts.


  • High Current Density
  • 24 power contacts capable of carrying 14.5A per contact when fully energized
  • Industry proven UPM power contacts
  • Hot Plug contact design controls arc during hot mate/un-mate cycles
  • 3 Mating Levels:
    • 1st: Power/Ground
    • 2nd: Power/Signal
    • 3rd: Short/Enable Signal
  • Tin Plated (fully RoHS compliant) or tin-lead (5 of 6 RoHS compliant) PCB tails


  • Telecom Edge and Customer-premise Equipment
  • CATV Hardware
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Communication Equipment