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The MINIPAK HDE Connector system is a high current power module designed to serve in both backplane power distribution and general pcb-to-pcb applications. It is designed to compliment the most popular high-speed backplane connectors offered by TE Connectivity, including HM-Zd, Z-PACK TinMan and MULTIGIG RT connectors. The two-row configuration offers a benefit to the pcb designer. The power can be fed from either the top or bottom row, with the return path routed through the other remaining row. Alternatively, the same voltage rail can be routed to both the top and bottom rows and the return path can be routed to both the top and bottom rows of adjacent contacts. The additional benefit of a two-row configuration is that it occupies just half the linear pcb edge space of other types of board-to-board power modules. The MINIPAK HDE connector has two levels of blade lengths to provide mate-first/break-last operation for hot swap operation. The low mating force contact reduces the moment/stresses on the connector during mating and reduces the plating wear for long-term reliability. In addition, in the event the connector is used to mate or un-mate to a live load, the sacrificial contact tip absorbs the arc to keep the remaining contact mating surfaces free of damage. This "hot-plug" contact design has been approved by UL for current interrupt applications. All MINIPAK HDE connectors are easily applied to the PCB with common "flat-rock" seating tools. The connector mates with TE Connectivity's Universal Power Module connectors.  


  • Compatible with 2mm equipment practices per IEC 61076-4-101
  • One-piece molded housing--fewer parts to assemble to pcb
  • Very high current density -- 18 Amps per contact on each contact in an 8-position (2x4) Connector
  • Hot pluggable contact design reduces contact degradation associated with live pcb insertions/extractions
  • Two levels of contact sequencing for mate-first/break-last operation


  • Telecom and computer applications
  • Routers
  • Servers, mini and supercomputers
  • Removable battery packs
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Hot-swap N-1 power distribution