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Standard connectors are furnished as unloaded housings that have Multimate contact cavities for accepting Type II, Type III+, and subminiature COAXICON crimp-type contacts, as well as Type III+ solder-type and posted contacts. All Multimate contacts are interchangeable in the same housing cavity. Standard connector housings are available in sizes ranging from 6 thru 160 positions. They mate with each other, as well as posted connectors of a corresponding size for hand tool and semi-automatic machine wiring.

Posted connectors are furnished preloaded with size 16, posted contacts and are specifically designed to be wired with hand tools and semi-automatic machines. The cavity centerline spacing is too close to accommodate the heads and mandrels of fully automatic machines. Post configurations of the preloaded contacts are available for accepting TERMI-POINT Clip and wrap-type terminations. Posted connector housings are made of black phenolic and are available in sizes ranging from 6 thru 104 positions. They will mate with correspondingly sized standard connector (except .200 [5.08] grid) housings loaded with size 16 crimp-type contacts. It is not recommended to mate two posted connectors. Since the preloaded posted contacts are rigid in the housing, mating two posted connectors, particularly of the larger sizes, would be difficult.

Special Application Connectors are also available in the following configurations:

  • V.35
  • Shallow Block
  • High Current
  • Mixed
  • High Voltage
  • RFI/EMI Shielded
  • Grounding Blocks


  • Intermateable with competitive connectors made to MIL-C-28748 requirements
  • Wide range of connector styles and sizes: standard connectors (unloaded), posted connectors (preloaded) and special application connectors (unloaded)
  • A complete line of accessory hardware for fastening, protecting, guiding, shielding, strain relief and keying is available
  • Variety of contacts: signal, power, coaxial and posted versions--many are interchangeable and can be intermixed in the same connector housing
  • The full complement of application tooling for wire crimp and posted terminations--hand tools, semi-automatic tooling and fully automatic machines provide highly reliable, low cost terminations to meet all production requirements


  • Rail and mass transit
  • Industrial machinery
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Aerospace and defense equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Lighting and signage