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AMP Power Double Lock Connectors are a compact design for use in power circuit applications and are ideally suited for wiring. These connectors can be used singly by inserting wire-terminated crimp snap-in contacts into the housing. However, to achieve positive mounting, they can be equipped with a double lock plate that helps prevent/resist halfway mating of contacts. There are three contact centerline spacings available: 3.96mm, 6.5mm and 7.92mm. Of these, the 7.92mm pitch contact arrangement is for 2-position board-mounted headers. The mating wire-mounted plug connector uses the second circuit of the 3-position 3.96mm pitch housing with no contact loaded. Wire-mounted plug housings and the mating wire-mounted cap housings (for free-hanging and panel mounted applications) and board-mounted tab headers are available with the 3.96mm pitch contact arrangement.

The 6.5mm pitch contact arrangement is used in wire-mounted plug housings and the mating board mounted tab headers. The plug housings are loaded with receptacle contacts and the cap housings with tab contacts. The tab headers for board mounting are pre-loaded with solder-dipped tab contacts. Contacts accept two wire sizes ranges, AWG 28-22 (with insulation outer diameter of 1.3 to 2.0mm) and AWG 20-18 (with insulation outer diameter of 2.0-3.1mm). The tab header for board mounting has a locking mechanism where it is compatible with a resin coating that is applied to the board for waterproofing. It is designed to not hinder the plug locking function. The solder tail section of the tab contact has kink features. Interacting with the mounting boss with kink features, the solder tab secures the header on the board firmly during soldering.


  • Double lock plate compatible with high-count positions of more than 3 rows
  • Tab and receptacle contacts resist scraping of contacts at mating/unmating
  • Locking of plug to cap housings and plug to board-mounted headers made by the semi-inner locking system that helps prevent/resist disengagement by external pressure
  • Both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications available from the same series lineup
  • Design complies with a range of safety standards
  • The housing lance design provides lance-free contacts and helps prevent/resist entanglement of contacts with one another
  • Fully polarized


  • Household appliances
  • HVAC
  • Gas equipment
  • Business Machines
  • Vending Machines