SMT Poke-In Connectors Wire Lighting

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The low profile SMT connectors are low profile, PCB mount connectors specifically designed for LED lighting applications. Available in 1 and 2 positions, accepting 18, 20 & 22 AWG solid, 18 & 20 pre-bond stranded wire or 18 AWG stranded wire.


  • Standard and low insertion force are available
  • Single position connectors are available in both black and white colors for polarity
  • Tape & reel packaging
  • High speed for SMT processes
  • Redundant SMT pads prevent peeling
  • Rounded corners to minimize shadowing
  • Cost effective alternative to hand soldering wires
  • Low profile flat surface allows for vacuum pick up
  • High temperature material for type reflow processes
  • Side to side stackable with 4mm pad pitch
  • RoHS Compliant


  • LED channel letter lighting strips
  • General illumination LED fixtures
  • Backlight engines
  • Outdoor LED street and walkway lighting
  • Architectural cove and valence lighting
  • Digital signage