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TE Connectivity's AMP Power Taps are designed for the growing need for power to printed circuit board applications required in today's electronic industry. The taps provide a high current, separable connection to a pc board. Pin configuration is of the standard DIP outline with .300 x .100 [7.62 x 2.54] or .250 x .125 [6.35 x 3.18] for the Standard versions, plus .400 x .200 [10.16 x 5.08], .300 x .100 [7.62 x 2.54] and in-line spacing for the High Current versions. ACTION PIN contacts provide a low resistance interface with tin plated-through holes in the pc board, thereby eliminating the need for soldering.

The variety of available power taps allow for various installation schemes. The Uninsulated Tap and Low Profile Tap can be used in bus bar pattern. The High Profile and Low Profile Taps offer insulation protection from other components. The High Current versions provide a greater power density option with current ratings from 10 amps on the 2 position in-line .250 [6.35] tab tap up to 40 amps on the 8 position dual .250 [6.35] tab tap.

All AMP Power Tap configurations are easily inserted into the pc board with a simple AMP or customer supplied tool.


  • Wire-to-board connection using common terminals
  • All metal-to-metal assembly for long-term integrity
  • Standard DIP outlines (.300 x .100 [7.62 x 2.54]), 10 positions, and .250 x .125 [6.35 x 3.18], 6 and 10 positions, plus high current versions on .400 x .200 [10.16 x 5.08] footprint in 4 and 6 positions, .300 x .100 [7.62 x 2.54] in 8 positions, and both 2 and 3 position in-line .100 [2.54] tab taps
  • Low resistance interface
  • Internally threaded tap to secure screw to terminal
  • Anti-rotational embossments hold wire and terminal in place
  • Standard Power Taps rated at 2.5 amps per pin--6 position 15 amps, 10 position 25 amps current carrying capability
  • High Current Power Taps rated at up to 5 amps per pin--2 position 10 amps, 3 position 15 amps, 4 and 6 position 20 amps and 8 position 40 amps


  • Printed Circuit Board Terminals