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The AMP Universal Power Module is a three-position, modular, Hard Metric board-to-board power connector designed to be compatible with Z-PACK 2mm HM Connectors. The design is in an "inverse-sex" orientation and the vertical receptacle module meets the IEC 950 safety requirements for finger probe protection. Both the headers and the receptacle utilize AMP ACTION PIN press-fit leads for ease of assembly onto printed circuit boards. Additionally, the vertical receptacle leads are polarized to allow only one orientation onto the printed circuit board, eliminating the possibility of reverse placement.

Although the Universal Power Module was primarily designed to be used in applications with the AMP Z-PACK 2mm HM connector system, it has a mating dimension which is compatible with a wide variety of other board-to-board connectors including Z-PACK Stripline 100, AMP-HDI, TBC, TBC Plus and Eurocard connectors. The housing is a high-temperature thermoplastic, and the phosphor bronze contacts are gold-over-nickel plated on the mating surfaces. The right-angle header contacts are available with sequenced lengths for "make-first/break-last" applications. Generous alignment features designed into the housings and optional guide pins and receptacles make the AMP Universal Power Module ideal for "blind mating" applications.  


  • Hard Metric design compatible with Z-PACK 2mm HM Connectors
  • Modular board-to-board
  • "Inverse-sex" design meets IEC 950 safety requirements
  • Standard version rated at 10 amps per contact in a 4 position; 40 amps per 4 position module, fully energized
  • High Current version rated at 16 amps per contact in a 4 position; 64 amps per 4 position module, fully energized
  • Sequenced right-angle headers available for "make-first/break-last" applications
  • ACTION PIN press-fit contacts on both headers and receptacle
  • Contacts designed for up to 250 mating cycles
  • Compatible with a variety of AMP board-to-board signal connectors
  • Optional Guide Pins are available
  • Bellcore approved (Contact us for specific part numbers)
  • Recognized to U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. File No. E28476
  • Produced under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001


  • Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment