AMP Multiple Contact Point (MCP) Interconnection System

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The AMP MCP (Multiple Contact Point) Connector System is designed for electronic and electrical applications in motor vehicles.

It fulfills all requirements for a connector system for use in automobiles and covers a wide range of applications.


  • AMP MCP Contacts
    • Basic material (CuNiSi) with high current capacity
    • 3 redundant contact points (1.5 mm type), 4 contact points (2.8 mm/6.3 mm type), 6 contact points (9.5 mm type)
    • Good guiding inside the cavity
    • Protected contact spring due to the closed box
    • Overstress protection of the contact springs
    • Steel box with secondary locking possibility from four sides
    • Protected locking lance
  • AMP MCP Connectors
    • High reliability status supported for long term use
    • High vibration level supported
    • Perfect design to avoid quality problems, reduce manufacturing and service cost
    • Integrated secondary locking device delivered in pre-locked position
    • Wire-to-wire sealed and unsealed connectors (SWS)
    • Wire-to-board sealed and unsealed connectors (SWS)
    • Polarization, several keyings
    • Locking mechanism for smaller connectors/mating aid for higher numbers of ways


  • Motor vehicles