Raychem™ SolderSleeve CWT-900X Series Wire-to-Wire Splicing

TE Connectivity
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Raychem's SolderSleeve one-step heat-shrinkable wire and cable interconnection devices are a labor-saving alternative to conventional wire and cable termination methods such as craft-sensitive, time-consuming hand soldering, or crimping.


SolderSleeve one-step terminators insulate, provide strain relief and protect terminations from environmental damage in a wide spectrum of low-temperature electrical interconnection applications. As their name suggests, they are one-step solutions.


SolderSleeve one-step terminators create strong soldered connections. They consist of a heat-shrinkable sleeve and a pre-measured fluxed solder band. When heated, the tubing shrinks and the solder melts, making reliable insulated terminations. Even greater convenience and reliability are available with optional pre-installed ground leads.


  • Easy installation
  • Low cost
  • One-step, One-piece
  • Heat shrinkable


  • Shield-to-Ground Termination (Wire Splicing)