Raychem MiniSeal Crimp Splices

TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity has introduced Raychem's MiniSeal Crimp Splices. In-line nickel plated sealed crimp splices for 200°C applications, developed for growing needs of high temperature applications in the aerospace and defense industry. They provide the smallest, lightest and most environmental-resistant splices available while meeting all requirements of SAE-AS81824/1 (modified for 200°C applications).  


  • Immersion-resistant crimp splices while meeting all requirements of SAE-AS81824/1 (modified for 200°C applications)
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Transparent heat-shrinkable insulation sleeve provides environmental protection and strain relief
  • Splices provide sealing to unetched wire insulations
  • No need to stagger wire splices
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Aerospace & Defense
    • Where performance, reliability, or size reduction is essential
  • Designed to provide an immersion resistant in-line splice on 1:1 wires for the following:
    • Wire range from 26AWG to 12AWG
    • Nickel plated conductors
    • Insulation rated for at least 135°C