AMPINNERGY-Connectors-and-Contacts-Tyco-Electronics.jpgAMPINNERGY Connectors and Contacts | TE Connectivity
Connectors provide a convenient and efficient means of delivering up to 600 VAC to component printed circuit boards and other power distribution devices in computers and peripherals, telephone systems and appliances. The WTB connectors also have automotive and industrial applications.

ampowercrimp_thumb.jpgAMPOWER Wave Crimp System | TE Connectivity
The AMPOWER Wave Crimp System is a family of interconnections featuring a unique flat copper cable termination which makes it suitable for power distribution.

mseries_thumb.jpgPin and Socket Connectors M Series | TE Connectivity
Connectors that intermate with other connectors made to MIL-C-28748 requirements. There is a wide range of styles and sizes: standard (unloaded), posted (preloaded), mixed, high voltage, and V.35. Positions range from 2 to 160.

metri_thumb.jpgMetrimate Connectors | TE Connectivity
AMP Metrimate connectors are true metric specification connectors designed for panel, free-hanging or pc board application. These connectors offer improvements in durability, density and electrical performance over competitive soft-shell pin and socket connectors. This versatile pin and socket connector line is designed to meet the general requirements of various testing and approval agencies, including UL, CSA, VDE and IEC.

tyco_multibeam_thumb.jpgMULTI-BEAM XLE Connectors | TE Connectivity
The MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors are the latest addition to the MULTI-BEAM XL power connector product family. MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors feature a new 3-beam contact, made from a thicker / higher conductivity material than the original single beam or 4-beam designs.

Multi-Beam_xl_sm.jpgMULTI-BEAM XL™/XLE - Power Distribution Connector System | TE Connectivity
Multi-Beam XL™ has become a de-facto standard for modular hot-swappable power distribution connection systems. The heart of the Multi-Beam XL™ connector is the unique power contact which offers higher current ratings, 55 Amps on a single contact (at 30 degree C temp-rise), lower contact resistance (only 0.7 milli-ohms at end-of- life conditions) and lower mating forces than alternative designs. The Multi-Beam XLE is also blind mateable power distribution system with up to 170 Amper per linear inch.

multi_thumb.jpgMultimate Contacts | TE Connectivity
Multimate Contacts are a same style contact may be used in different connector housings, and many housings accept more than one type of contact. Allows the user to select the contact/housing combination best suited to the application, while keeping inventory costs to a minimum. Available in strip form for machine applications. Provides for lowest applied cost and loose piece form.

AMP-Standard-Timer-Connectors-Tyco-Electronics-1.jpgAMP Standard Timer Connectors (RAST 5 Appliance) | TE Connectivity
AMP Standard Power Timer contacts, for use with Standard Timer housings, are suitable for high-density and high-current carrying requirements. The modular connector system incorporates modern in-line mating technology on a 5 mm centerline, 2 to 12 positions, rowable with no loss of spacing and a variety of keying possibilities.

autotabs_thumb.jpgTabs for Printed Circuit Boards | TE Connectivity
These tabs are designed to be inserted into holes in pc boards, then attached permanently during the soldering operation. They can be hand inserted or machine inserted using AMP application equipment.

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