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ARINC 600 Connectors represent a new generation of standardized rack and panel connectors for aircraft applications. Compared to the preceding ARINC 404 standard, the new avionics connectors feature significantly reduced mating forces; increased numbers of contacts in housings proportioned to thinner black-box shapes; and floating, front-release keying.

AMP ARINC 600 Connectors capitalize on the new design by adding unique features while maintaining intermateability. For instance, AMP contact inserts are field replaceable and manufactured to precise tolerances so that when they are installed they are within .006 [0.15] of true position.

AMP contacts for ARINC 600 Connectors are applied with standard crimping tools--the same ones used for ARINC 404 contacts. Automatic crimping equipment is available for higher productivity and lower applied costs. The benefits of reduced mating forces, averaging 1.5 ounces [0.42 N] for the old 404 contacts, can be realized in ARINC 600 Connectors through fitting of these new, interchangeable contacts. ARINC 600 coaxial contacts also are crimp applied for reliable, solder-free installation.


  • Designed to meet all relevant ARINC 600 Connector specifications
  • Available in all three sizes
  • Low mating-force contacts--suitable for ARINC 404 Connectors
  • Automatic terminating equipment available for high speed applications
  • Full range of contact inserts
  • Designed and manufactured by AMP Incorporated--largest supplier in the industry


  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)