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TE Connectivity offers a full line of relay and contactors including leading brands such as AGASTAT, AXICOM, CII, HARTMAN, KILOVAC, OEG, P&B, PRODUCTS UNLIMITED and SCHRACK, as well as TE Connectivity. Switching capabilities range from dry circuit to 1,600A, up to 70kV, and as high as 6 GHz. Electromechanical, solid state and hybrid types range from surface mount PCB mount devices to large panel mount units. Our broad line of relays features expansive options for enclosure, termination, input, contact arrangement and rating. High performance types are designed specifically to operate in extremely rigorous environments (high shock, vibration, temperature, altitude) such as encountered in military and aerospace applications. For applications utilizing PCB and DIN rail mounted versions in Industrial environments, TE recommends the PT and the Force Guided series. However, reference the Relay Products Catalog for the exact relay that will fit best for your application.


  • Obtain maximum design freedom with a breadth of products for many different applications
  • Save space with compact and low profile designs
  • Enable design flexibility with relays specified from 0.5A through 1,600A current ratings
  • Ensure ease of operation with mechanical indicator
  • Limit design challenges with both DIN rail mounting and PCB type versions
  • Promote safety with design features that prevent reset against overload


  • Automation & Control
    • PLC’s in industrial controls
    • Production equipment
    • Material handling
    • Robotic controllers
  • Control circuits for elevator and escalator systems
  • Railway interlocking systems
  • Process control (e.g. chemical industry)


  • Relay Products Catalog