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The USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard product controlled by USB Implementers Forum. USB is characterized by widespread market adoption and consists of several form factors to accommodate different device requirements. The Micro USB series are mostly used in mobile devices and are the smallest connector series in the USB family. TE’s USB connectors combine high speed data capabilities and a charging function in one connector.

TE Connectivity micro USB connectors are well known for their reliability, robustness and the system's versatility in meeting all USB applications. The TE USB system is a complete interconnection technology for I/O devices and has many variants available, ranging from DIP type soldering, SMT soldering, standard mount, reverse mount and mid mount. TE Connectivity’s technological capability enables its micro USB connector series as very efficient cost saving solution for our customers.


  • Reliability-optimized design, provides a stable connection even after thousands of insertions
  • Cost savings achieved by the integration of power and data transportation within one connector
  • Our large portfolio and highly customizable product provides the best possible design flexibility


  • Cell phones/smartphones
  • MP3 players
  • GPS units
  • Readers
  • Home electronic devices
  • Tablets
  • Digital cameras and camcorders